The following Schedule of Fees is valid for 2021-2022. Fees are quoted in Australian dollars (A$) and are subject to change without notice.


Course Fees

Course Tuition Fees Material Fees
BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management $ 6,500 $300

BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

$ 12,000




BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management





SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery $15,000 $1,100
SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery $21,000 $1,100
SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management $25,000 $1,100
SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management $25,000 $1,100


Other Fees

The table below lists a Schedule of Fees charged by ANAE to students where applicable.

Fees Type Fee Amount (A$)
Enrolment fee (Non-refundable) A$200
Overseas Student Health Cover
Deferment Fee $100.00
Change of COE $100.00
Extend of Course Duration $200 per week
Supplementary Assessment (re-assessment)

2 free re-assessment attempts

$350/after two free resubmission attempts

Unit Repeat cost $350
Replacement Student ID $15.00
Credit Transfer No Charge
RPL fees $150 per unit
Certificate re-issue fee $50 for certificate re-issue
Late payment fees $10 per day
Airport pick-up $100
Accommodation Placement fee $100
Interim academic transcript No Charge
Referral to external professional services No Charge

Please click on the link to check  more about the fees and policies of our organization  2.1.8 Fees Payment and Charges Policy & Procedure_v3.0